FO: Henslowe

Finally I have another finished object for you.

Henslowe shawl

This is Henslowe. Here’s a better look at the pretty edging:

Henslowe shawl

It’s written for a fingering-weight yarn, but I made it with a lace-weight silk/linen blend.

The construction was very interesting. First you knit the garter stitch body by starting at the bottom (point) of the shallow triangle. You knit upwards, leaving YO loops at the ends of each row. Then you bind off across the top edge, and pick up the YO loops along the bottom two sides of the triangle. From there you knit downward, working the roman stripe sections. Finally, you end with a sideways knit-on border that produces the final mesh section (faggoting) and the picot bindoff.

The size as written is really more of a small shawlette/shoulder shawl, or a large scarf. Because of the shape, I think it’s really best suited to that size. If you made it much larger, it would end up extremely long before it really got very deep. Plus, since the top edge is straight rather than curved, it won’t sit around the shoulders as well as some other shapes.

If I wanted to make a large shawl, I think it would be better to work the main body in a different shape, such as a half-circle or less-shallow triangle, and then add on the border. But I think the pattern looks very nice wrapped around the neck as a scarf.

I added more rows to the garter stitch body, and an additional repeat of the Roman Stripe pattern – partly because I was using thinner yarn and needed to compensate for size, but also because I had a lot of yarn. In retrospect, I wish I hadn’t done the extra stripe repeat. It’s fine as is, but I think the pattern’s original size/proportions are better. I considered ripping out the edging and removing the extra repeat, but then decided it wasn’t worth the work. And this way, it’s large enough to cover my shoulders if I need a little extra warmth.

I really do like the edging, and I’d consider knitting the pattern again, either in the original size or in a larger size with a modified shape.

I liked the yarn, and it made a very lightweight piece for wearing in warmer weather.

Pattern: Henslowe, by Beth Kling
Yarn: Breeze, by Anzula (laceweight silk/linen), colorway “Victoria”
Needles: US4/3.5mm

Project notes with modifications and yarn usage detail here.

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Look! Over There!

I’m still scrambling to get back into the swing of normal life, so real blog posts are still on hold.

In the meantime, let me distract you with some pretty cloud photos I took from the plane on my recent flight home:




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I’m still here. Sort of.

Things have been hectic around here, and with lots of travel, and still more to come. But at least there was some of this:

Harbor at sunrise

And lots of this:


Followed closely by this:


And lots of these:


Now I’m taking tiny breather before heading off into the sunrise again. Catch you on the flip-flop.



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Christmas is coming…

… some day.

Twinkle Toes

If I get around to making the second sock, I shall be ready.


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I’m not usually one for participating in Ten on Tuesday, but since this week is 10 Movies I Can Watch Over and Over Again and Never Tire Of, I thought I’d chime in.

I love movies (I rarely watch TV, and then it’s usually to watch a series after-the-fact on Netflix). I couldn’t possibly choose only ten movies that I could watch over and over. But these are the ones I keep on my mobile devices, so that I can watch them when I travel, or any other time I find myself waiting around with nothing to do.

Of course, my list goes to 11. In no particular order:

  1. The Princess Bride “She doesn’t get eaten by the eels at this time.”
  2. Galaxy Quest “Those poor people.”
  3. Young Frankenstein “You take the blonde, I’ll take the one in the toiben.”
  4. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home “Admiral, there be whales here!”
  5. Cat Ballou “I’ve never seen a man get through a day so fast.”
  6. Men in Black “No, Elvis is not dead. He just went home.”
  7. Start the Revolution Without Me “You can’t hunt, you can’t ride, you can’t shoot, you can’t fence! What kind of a marriage is this?”
  8. Demolition Man “He doesn’t know how to use the three seashells!”
  9. Big Trouble (the 2002 Tim Allen movie) “Okay, we gotta pick a road. Arrivals or departures? We’re arriving, but then we’re departing.”
  10. Groundhog Day “Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.”
  11. Soapdish “How am I suppose to write for a guy who doesn’t have a head? He’s got no lips, no vocal cords.”

You’ll note that these are all comedies, or at least movies with a lot of humor. It’s not that I don’t have favorites in other genres, but for watching frequently, it might as well be something that makes me laugh or feel good. Plus, I often just watch a favorite scene or two when I don’t have time to watch the whole movie, and that’s easier to do with these kinds of movies.

But aside from the movies I keep digitally, there are many others that I watch over and over.

Christmas time can’t go by without It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street (1947).

Some of my other favorites to watch frequently: Charade, Goldfinger (or almost any James Bond movie, especially Sean Connery’s), Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Hopscotch, In & Out, My Cousin Vinny, Overboard (admittedly a stupid movie, but Goldie Hawn slays me with “I’m still tacky.”), Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, Dave, The Wizard of Oz, The Music Man, “Silver Streak“, and almost any Star Trek movie, especially Star Trek II and III, and Star Trek (2009).

There are other movies that I would consider better, or that are more of my favorites than the ones above, but they aren’t necessarily ones I watch frequently. Sometimes it’s because they’re sad, more serious, or very intense – and sometimes it’s because they’re a series and I like to watch the entire set rather than a single one. But for something to just pick off the shelf when I need to be entertained, these will all do the job.




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Holbrook pics

I tried to get photos of the completed Holbrook shawl yesterday, but they didn’t turn out very well. Today was a much better photography day.

On my monitor, the shawl looks slightly more orange than it is in real life.

Holbrook Shawl

You can see that this is a pretty good-sized shawl. I wanted one that was a little larger than most of the ones I have, so I’m very happy with how it came out.

Holbrook Shawl

The knit fabric changes dramatically after a wet blocking. Of course, that’s true of any lace, but this yarn in particular seemed to be very dense and too-tightly-knit while it was on the needles. But after the blocking, it has a beautiful drape.

And yes, it was definitely worth the time to block out all of those eyelets along the edging.


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Shauna pics

It took a while, but I finally got some modeled photos of Shauna.

Shauna sweater

It was a challenge – it was such a windy day that in most of the photos, my face was covered with hair.

Shauna sweater

At least with the wind, it wasn’t too hot. Wearing a wool sweater outside at this time of year is a little uncomfortable. But I’m really looking forward to wearing this when the cool days of fall are here.


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And That’s When I Ran Out of Pins

Half a dozen from the end of the shawl. Well, I didn’t actually run out completely, just out of the pins in my pin storage box. I still had several unopened packets of T-pins. Thank goodness.

Holbrook shawl

I was just going to use blocking wires, but then you wouldn’t see all the pretty eyelets at the border. I actually used wires first to shape the bottom, then pinned out the eyelets and removed the wires. I only had to remove the wires because I had threaded them through the eyelets, and I couldn’t pin out the eyelets properly. If I’d run them through the faggoting at the edge of the border instead, then I could have just pinned out the eyelets, but left the wires in place.

Holbrook shawl

And speaking of the faggoting, I had to drop down the stitches of the inside faggoting section twice because I got my yarnovers in the wrong place. That was not fun. But the first time it was at the center of the shawl, so it was pretty noticeable, and I knew it would keep bugging me. Unfortunately, it was a LOT of rows down from where I was (at least 20). It took a long time to fix. The second time was closer to the end, and only about 8 or 10 rows down.

Project: Holbrook Shawl.

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The June Garden

I totally missed getting photos of the pretty pink Oriental Poppies set against pink roses. I thought about taking a photo one morning, but in the afternoon a big windstorm had completely denuded the poppies.

But there’s lots more going on. My Campanula glomerata is blooming:

Campanula Glomerata

But I think it’s in a slightly too shady location. It only gets afternoon sun, and it’s really reaching for it. It was growing mostly horizontally, so I had to stake it up.

Some of my other flowers have really spread and are going a bit wild. But it’s a riot of colors:


The serviceberry tree/shrub is doing its usual thing and producing tons of berries:


I picked a quart yesterday, and another quart today. That photo above was taken AFTER picking, so you can see there are still lots left to ripen. Last year I picked a quart 4 or 5 times before I got tired of it and just left the rest on the tree.

And speaking of edibles, the peas are starting to fill out:


The fennel is starting to fill out – it’s doing much better than last year when I planted it much too late:


And the blackberries! From the number of flowers, I think this is going to be a great harvest:


I still have a LOT of lettuce, but I don’t think it will last much longer. I’ve planted more, but it’s still very tiny and I don’t really expect it to do all that well in the summer’s heat:


A for the rest of the garden, the green beans are coming up, but I lost about 2 dozen plants to something that gobbled them up. I have a suspicion that it was birds, since the only ones that got eaten had a cat-proof cage around them with openings big enough for birds to get through. The ones that were left untouched had chicken wire around them. I’ve been planting more every couple of weeks, so I’m not too worried about the crop.

The tomatoes are doing really well, and my two eggplants have flower buds.

This year I tried cabbage for the first time, and it’s not doing well – I’m pretty sure that will be a fail. I’m also trying cucumber for the first time. The plants are small, but look like they’re doing OK. I started some yellow bush-type zucchini from seed, but had a lot of trouble getting it to germinate and grow (I just planted the seeds in the ground). I ended up starting some indoors and transplanting them, which worked better, but they’re getting a really late start so they’re still really small. I don’t normally grow squash because I have such a small space, but I thought I’d give the bush-type a shot. If I try it again next year, I’ll definitely start them indoors.

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FO: Seat Cushions

Two seat cushions crocheted, felted, and done!

Felted Chair Pads

Great for throwing on the benches outside, or inside:

Felted Chair Pads

Seamed together and with a non-stick pad underneath, they’d make a cute rug, too.

Here are photos before and after felting:

Chair Pad

Felted Chair Pads

I ran them through a full wash cycle using warm water, then washed them again in hot water in 2 minute increments until they were fulled to the desired size (about 33cm/13″). Probably two full wash cycles would have done the trick.

Pattern: 0-840 Seating Pad for Easter
Yarn: DROPS Eskimo
Crochet Hook: N/9mm

Details of yarn colors and usage on my Ravelry project.

The pattern called for 2 skeins of white and 1 skein each of the 5 colors, but I only needed 1 skein of white per pad. Since you don’t use all that much of the other colors, I was able to make 2 pads using 1 skein of each of the other colors except the pink, which needed more than half a skein per pad. But even after making 2 pads, there’s still quite a bit of blue and green left over.

Since I bought 4 skeins of white and 2 skeins of each color, I think I have enough to make two more pads if I switch up the position of the colors, and swap the green/pink and blue/red.

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