Shake Your Booties

I decided to post about the baby booties I made earlier this year, because I thought one of them would be a fun project for the Lonesome Skein knitalong, or for anyone else looking for a quick project, especially with the holidays coming up. I’d like to draw your attention to the “ruby slippers” on the right side of the photo. These are the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road booties, and I think they’re just too cute. Trust me, the photo does not do them justice at all. You can probably make at least 2 pair from one skein of Glitterspun. The version on the left side of the photo is a similar pattern, but crocheted instead of knitted (I think I got the pattern from Crochet Pattern Central, but it’s not there any more. The pattern says it came from Crochet World magazine). The crocheted cowboy booties turned out cute, but I hated making them, so I doubt I’ll do them again. Save yourself a lot of headache and buy ’em here instead.

The angora booties in the second photo (my camera couldn’t handle the bright white when photographed along with the other booties) are from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and use one skein of angora yarn. This was an unusual pattern – the toe is double-knitted. It was an interesting technique to learn, but I don’t think I’d care too much for the booties if knitted in a plain yarn – the squared toes remind me of little duck feet. But in the fuzzy (and oh-so-soft) angora, they’re very sweet.

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