Ah, Paradise

Paradise Bakery finally opened downtown on Thursday. I’ve been waiting impatiently. I had lunch there on both Thursday and Friday, and breakfast this morning. Yes, overkill I know. There’s already one open in Sugarhouse and one in Bountiful, but I was too lazy to get to those when this one was going to be so close. There’s also one opening up on Ft. Union in a few months.

Thursday I shared an egg salad sandwich with a friend. Egg salad with artichoke hearts, capers, red onions, red bell peppers, cream cheese, mayo, sprouts, lettuce and tomato on Molasses Bread. Yummy. Yesterday I had the same thing I had when I first went to a Paradise Bakery (in Boston) – the Chicken Walnut salad sandwich. Or more correctly, half a sandwich and a cup of their house “fire-roasted tomato” soup. Mmmmm. And the cookies! Sandwiches come with a delicious chocolate chip cookie. Today we had quiche (very tasty, and the puff pastry crust was very nice), and a vegetarian omelette, which was good, but I didn’t like it as much as their Mediterranean omelette. However, the tiny little orange muffin that came with it was to die for. And the toast was also wonderful (served with whipped butter and raspberry jam). Of course, I also had to get a cookie for later today. Coconut chocolate chip.

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2 Responses to Ah, Paradise

  1. Margene says:

    Good places are popping up all over your neighborhood!

  2. Miriam says:

    OMG! I have this deep love in my heart for Orange muffins! I’ll have to go give them a try.

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