007 Snap a Dozen Days – April

APRIL! March teases us with a beginning peek at Spring, but in April, it’s in full bloom. Tulips are my favorite flower, and April is when they start showing their beautiful colors. There’s something about the simple lines of tulips, both flowers and leaves, that really appeals to me. I would absolutely love to take a trip to Holland one day during tulip season. How glorious that must be! Acres and acres of beautiful swatches of colors, shimmering like jewels.


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4 Responses to 007 Snap a Dozen Days – April

  1. Carrie says:

    Yes, I understand the Holland is beautiful. I love tulips, too. My love affair began when I figured out how easy they were to grow! With little babies, I didn’t have a lot of time. The color range is magnificent. Enjoy your spring – we’re still waiting for ours! =)

  2. Jacquie says:

    You only need to go as far as Thanksgiving Point – they are having their tulip festival right now until the end of the month.http://www.thanksgivingpoint.com/calendar/index.html

  3. Margene says:

    Thanksgiving Point has a Tulip Festival this time of year. It’s not Holland but it might be fun!

  4. Margene says:

    Duh….Jacquie said the same thing! LOL

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