The Green Orange

For years, I’ve had a Meyer Lemon tree that I’ve schlepped in and out of the house each spring and fall. Usually I’m rewarded with several nice juicy lemons each winter. A few years ago I decided to add a Valencia orange tree to my collection. I’d get flowers, but no fruit. Finally, last summer, I noticed a single orange on the tree. For months I watched it grow. After bringing in the trees last fall, I waited anxiously for it to ripen. The lemons ripened and were eaten, but the orange still sat there unchanged. I’ve been looking at the tree recently, thinking that it was odd that the fruit was still there. Today my husband noticed that it had fallen off the tree. Still as green as ever. Well, of course, we had to cut it open. Voilà – presenting the green orange. I was surprised to see it look so ripe and juicy on the inside. So of course, I had to eat it. Slightly on the tart side, but not bad. It was certainly edible.
Green Orange

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4 Responses to The Green Orange

  1. susan says:

    That’s a pretty impressive gardening feat.

  2. omly says:

    My uncle has orange trees in front of his house in the Philipines, and his oranges are also green. He says that the food industry turns them orange to meet the expectation of consumers.

  3. Heather Joins The Round says:

    Beautiful, but freaky.

  4. Margene says:

    In UTAH! I had no idea.

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