The Sock Class

Here’s the start of my sock for Susan’s “Create Your Own Sock Class”. I’m using Spunky Eclectic’s Super Nova yarn, in the “Road Trip” colorway. It’s superwash sportweight merino, with 10% nylon. What a nice yarn! It took me forever to pick out a knitting stitch to use for the sock, especially since it’s a variegated yarn. But I finally made a decision, selected a cuff pattern to go with it, and got started. I only got to the end of the cuff before bedtime last night, so now I’m anxious to get going on the actual leg pattern and see if I picked a winner or a dud. I’m hoping the lace pattern won’t compete too much with the yarn.

The first class was lots of fun – Susan showed us some great cast-ons. I love that kind of detail, but I tend to deal with knitting techniques the way I write computer programs: I write the most important parts first and get the process working and usable, with the most common functions. Then I add less important functions, and finally all the bells and whistles. Sometimes you never get to all the bells and whistles, but at least you have a program that works.

I’m basically the same with knitting techniques. I tend to focus on the “big picture” – learn the most common methods so that I can be productive. Then once I have that down, I can play around and learn alternate ways to do things. So for socks, my attack method if left on my own would be to first learn how to make socks that fit my foot properly, using fairly standard techniques. Once I was comfortable with that, then I’d look at different ways of making toes or heels. Then on to different ways to pick up the heel flap stitches, or different cast-ons.

So this class is great because now that I’ve done a few pairs of socks and am feeling a bit comfortable in knitting them, we’ll be learning some of the ‘bells and whistles’. I’m especially looking forward to learning how to do some different toes. Gotta go do my homework now.

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5 Responses to The Sock Class

  1. susan says:

    I’m dying to see the stitch pattern you chose!

  2. Heather Joins The Round says:

    Me, too!I am going to blog about mine in the next couple of days.

  3. Margene says:

    You are all going to learn so much! Enjoy!

  4. Katherine Of It All says:

    I only got my cuff finished last night (after doing a cuff and two lace repeats in a different color yarn and then not liking it). I don’t know if any of us will be done with the leg by Friday, but I know we’ll all have tried.

  5. Lark says:

    Susan’s a great teacher! They’ll be ‘you,’ and therefore COOL! Blue skies, Lark

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