Beautiful Day in the Mountains

silverlakeThe weather was fabulous this weekend. Bright, sunny, and very clear. Larry and I met up with Margene and Smith for a delicious breakfast at Silver Fork Lodge, followed by a walk around Silver Lake. (See more fab photos on Margene’s post.) It couldn’t have been better weather for it – warm sun and slightly cool breeze. Smith even lent me a hat – next time I’ll remember to take my own.

hummerMy Huevos Rancheros tasted even better when accompanied by friends, beautiful views, and cute little hummingbirds. Only two were out and about, though.

silverlake2Silver Lake was gorgeous as always. Only a very small bit of snow could be seen in a few spots (other than the mountaintops of course), and a few kids were taking advantage of the opportunity to play in a bit of snow while watching the beavers in the lake.

wildsockWe kept our eyes out for moose, but didn’t see any this trip. On the other hand, Margene was able to stalk and photograph the elusive Electric Jaywalker, so our search for wildlife didn’t go unrewarded.

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2 Responses to Beautiful Day in the Mountains

  1. Margene says:

    The lake was at it’s finest!! What a great day we had. If only we could have stayed ALL day!

  2. Cass says:

    WOW what amazing pics! I love my round Appalachian mountains, but yours are pretty nice too. 🙂

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