Getting Organized

I’m finally getting my stash a little better organized. It doesn’t have a permanent “home” yet, so for now it’s just located in the guest bedroom. Our longer-term plans are to clear out some space in the basement where I can spread out a bit more, but until we can find the time to go through all the boxes of crap valuable items and sort through everything, this will have to do. Unfortunately, there’s no room for my recent Estes purchases. I guess it’s time to go buy another stacking drawer.

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3 Responses to Getting Organized

  1. Lark says:

    Take some pointers from someone who has spent the last three weeks sorting through valuable possessions/crap:1. If when you look at an item, it causes pain, analyze the pain. Is it guilt or desire to actually use it someday? Toss/keep accordingly. Wow. Just re-read that sentence and you can pretty much interpret it anyway you want. Realize now that I have nothing to say on this topic. Oy. Blue skies anyway, Lark

  2. Margene says:

    My bins are bigger than your bins;-)

  3. Lauren says:

    I wish I only had that much stash to deal with -lol.

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