Back from Boston

I’m back home after my trip to Boston (well, Chelmsford, actually) for my niece’s wedding. I had a great time, and it was a beautiful wedding. My aunt from California was there – the first time she’d been in the Boston area, and the first time she had met her two grand-nieces. We did a lot of touristy things, since she hadn’t been there before.

Leaves See the little bit of red in the photo on the left? This is one of the 5 trees in Massachusetts that was changing colors. OK, I’m exaggerating. A little. But not much – the trees are only just starting to change, as you can see by all of the green in this photo taken from North Bridge in Concord: North Bridge
loom We watched fabric being made at Boote Mill in Lowell and learned about the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the U.S. Carding machine And saw the old carding machines
statue There were even interesting textile items at the Museum of Fine Arts. This statue is ceramic, but the upper part (in blue) is yarn. Shoes Or how about some cross-stitched shoes?
Platform shoes And check out these Italian platform shoes from around 1600. Sometimes they were more than 20″ tall, even though the law prohibited heights of more than 11″. Lobster Of course, wonderful seafood was consumed. This was the lobster roll (with lobster bisque) at the Colonial Inn in Concord, where we had a delightful lunch on the patio.
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5 Responses to Back from Boston

  1. Carole says:

    Glad to see you got your lobster roll. Our trees down here on the South Shore are changing a bit more but they are still mostly green, too.

  2. Lark says:

    Lobsta? You ate Lobsta? I am so, so, so jealous. Truly, drooling on the keyboard. Many people from my office went to Seattle last week and where did they eat? Outback Steakhouse. Some things, I will NEVER understand. Sigh. Welcome home!

  3. Jacquie says:

    Those shoes are amazing – make the 1970s platforms look very tame.

    I hope they never had to actually walk anywhere in them though!

  4. Cayenne says:

    It sounds lovely. I hope the shawl worked out great. Jealous of the lobster too.

  5. Chris says:

    Mmm… lobster. Ye gads, those shoes!

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