Dyed in the Wool


The phrase “dyed in the wool” refers to the process of dying the wool before it is made into yarn, rather than dying the resulting yarn or the finished cloth. As a phrase, it’s used to indicate a characteristic that is complete, permanent, deeply ingrained, “through-and-through”, etc.

One of the many advantages to dying wool before it’s spun is that different colors of fibers can be mixed together, creating a marvelous depth of color to the finished yarn that is unlike anything accomplished by dying the yarn afterward.

I have been in total bliss knitting the Seaweed Wrap with the lovely Hebridean yarn. I’ve tried taking many photos, but none have come close to capturing the true color of the yarn, which is a glorious deep brown with flecks of red and yellow. Even the photo on their website is quite different from the actual yarn, which is a darker brown. The photo below doesn’t show the yarn detail well, but it’s closer to the actual color (at least on my monitor).

Even though I tend to be a bit sensitive to itchy yarns, especially around my neck, the slight scratchiness of the wool is surprisingly pleasing to me – both when knitting and when petting the resulting fabric. I am totally in love with knitting this shawl, and although I’m anxious to wear the finished product, I’ll be sad to be done with the knitting.

I loved Margene’s Seaweed when I first saw it, but once I actually touched it and saw the yarn up close, I knew I wouldn’t rest until I had my own.

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4 Responses to Dyed in the Wool

  1. OOH–it’s going to be gorgeous!! 🙂

  2. margene says:

    Seaweed might be my most used and very favorite knit! You’ll love yours, too.

  3. Lark says:

    Complex and colorful, just like you!

  4. Karen says:

    oooohh… That looks beautiful.

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