Just the Stash, Ma’am

Wherein we discover that I have absolutely no willpower.

Silky Tweed

I couldn’t stop thinking about the “Silky Tweed”. Black. Flecks of purple and rusty-orange. And 25% off. Sigh. I had to go back for it. Unfortunately, there were only 7 skeins of it left, which is just over 900 yards. Not as much as I’d have liked. Hopefully I can figure something out. Maybe I should have bought a few more skeins in a coordinating color. (Oh, and by the way, Kristine said that she can’t get “Silky Tweed” any more, so what she has is it. So if you’ve been wanting some, now’s the time to get it – the sale ends tomorrow.)

And what was sitting right next to the black “Silky Tweed”? Why this lovely white “Silky Wool”. I’ve had a white cardigan on my to-do list for a long time. Maybe something like this? The pattern’s not the same gauge, but I might be able to wing it.

Silky Wool

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4 Responses to Just the Stash, Ma’am

  1. Miriam says:

    Now I have to make sure I get down to Three Wishes this weekend.

  2. Chris says:

    That’s a cute cardi! Hmm, now I’m not sure if I have Silky Wool in black, or Silky Tweed in that same shade from WEBS…

  3. Laritza says:

    I wish I lived closer. It is a long drive from here. I might make it tomorrow!

  4. You just saved me a lot of money by pointing out the sale ends the 29th! I didn’t check blogs yesterday!

    Enjoy the yarn! It looks fantastic.

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