007 Snap-A-Dozen Days – December

Or: “the Joy of Socks”

I kept wanting to do a winter photo shoot, but when I had time for photographs, it was either snowing or cloudy – not the beautiful sunny blue-sky days I was hoping for. So my last Snap-A-Dozen-Days will be about the joy of giving and receiving. I barely celebrate Christmas any more, because it doesn’t have much religious meaning for me, and I hate the commercialism and stress. I still do a few family gifts, but mostly I’ve liberated myself from the obligatory gifting. I’d rather enjoy spending time with friends and family than worrying about shopping for things they don’t really need. Instead, I’d much rather give gifts because I’m inspired to, for whatever the reason.

Although these socks happened to be knitted during the Christmas season, the timing was just coincidental. I bought this yarn to make socks for my husband just because I thought he’d really like them, and he does. So here’s a photo shoot of someone truly enjoying his “just because” gift. Click any picture to embiggen (I love that word!).

Trying on the new socks
A perfect fit!
Love those swirly toes!
Tie-Dye anyone?
They also make a good hat
Wait – I can’t see!
Nice as a shawl, too.
socks8Can I sleep with them? socks9
Oh, just put a sock in it already!
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5 Responses to 007 Snap-A-Dozen Days – December

  1. Chris says:

    Awwww!! Now there’s sock appreciation for you!

  2. margene says:

    Ha, ha, ha….Larry loves the limelight. Nice socks. Way to go Larry!

  3. Lark says:

    tsk, tsk…they always seemed like such a NORMAL couple…what a shame, really…

    LOL–which we all know means ‘Larry, oh Larry’

    Thanks for the smile.

  4. just for the record–I never thought you two were normal.

  5. Anne B. says:

    Sign him up for the “Men and Knitting” calendar! Those photos are adorable! The colourway is beautiful, so cheerful.
    Anne in Calgary

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