Soup and Sandwich

How many of you are old enough to remember this? (Sung to the tune of “Love and Marriage”)

Soup and sandwich
Soup and sandwich
Have your favorite Campbell’s soup and sandwich
Any time or weather
Soup and sandwich go together!

I treated myself to a delightful Veggie Reuben for lunch today (second day in a row, if you really want to know), and I thought I’d share a tip for making a great grilled sandwich. Instead of spreading butter on the outside of the bread, use mayonnaise instead. Yes, really! The oil soaks into the bread and really makes it brown up nicely. Actually, given my choice, I’d rather use melted, clarified butter. But that’s more time consuming, more messy, and then you have to brush it on the bread. The mayo is faster and easier. When I worked in a restaurant, we had a great little butter roller that made it very easy – just roll the bread over the roller to coat it. Obviously that’s overkill for making one or two sandwiches, of course. But it sure did make for beautiful grilled bread!

By the way, my favorite rye is now the Jewish Rye from the Avenues Bakery, which they only make on Mondays. Besides the fact that I could only get Volker’s bread at the Farmer’s Market during the summer, they started putting it in plastic bins and the crust is no longer crusty. And sometimes they’d put in so much caraway seed that it was a bit overwhelming. The rye at the Avenues Bakery is a little lighter, but with a nice flavor and properly crispy crust.


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5 Responses to Soup and Sandwich

  1. Stacey says:

    YUM! Another meal to add to my list. I know I may be weird, but I LOVE sauerkraut. I eat it at least once a week.

  2. Lani says:

    Oh that looks soooo delicious! *Drool*

  3. Chris says:

    Now that’s a great tip! Thanks.

  4. The lazy-mama way to do it is to run a stick of butter over the warmed pan instead of buttering the bread. This also produces a “reduced fat” version of grilled cheese as it uses probably a quarter of the butter. The kid and I have eaten many, many grilled cheese sandwiches made in this manner. On weekends, sometimes I sprinkle some Parmesean on the outside of the sandwich, and maybe put a little gorgonzola or other blue cheese in with the cheddar for the husband.

  5. Laritza says:

    Where is the Avenues Bakery? I have heard lots of people talk about it but never been able to find out where its at. Looks great!

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