WIP Wednesday

First up, Woolen Gloves, by Veronik Avery (one done, one to go). Yes, it looks a bit long and skinny when it’s not being worn. You’ll just have to wait for both to be done to see them being modeled. Unfortunately, I did forget that Margene had a problem with the thumb gusset, and therefore I also had a problem with the thumb gusset. It was way too big. I resolved the problem in a different way than she did, and although I’m not thrilled with it, it will have to do. I’m not reknitting the entire hand.

Veronik AVery gloves

Next is Scoop du Jour. After many problems, I finally have the back and part of one front done:

Scoop du Jour

Then there’s Bella Paquita. Poor Bella. This is just the lace for the neckline. I’ve knit the top twice. Once following the “large” chart (my gauge is not the same as specified, and from my math, it looked like the large would work – wrong!) and once following the “medium” chart. Medium was MUCH TOO SMALL. I compared the stitches on the medium chart with the small chart. Surprise! There are fewer stitches in the medium chart than the small chart. Hmmmm. Fewer stitches = smaller, right? So why is the medium size smaller than the small? I thought I’d messed up and mixed up the charts (I printed them out and then wrote the size on them), so I looked at them online. Nope, fewer stitches across in the small than the medium. Shit. This project will be hibernating until I figure out what to do. Sorry for the suckky flash, but it’s the only way the color comes out remotely right.

Bella Paquita lace

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5 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. Chris says:

    Ugh about the weird chart thing! Have you peeked through Ravelry for hints/tips/suggestions?

  2. Anne B. says:

    Uh-oh, you need some knitting mojo! Or a mojito, whatever is easiest! Good luck with figuring it all out, I have absolutely no advice for you!
    Anne in Calgary

  3. Stacey says:

    Bella is pretty, so far. Is there a repeat in the chart? I worked with one that told you a page and half later that you needed to work the pattern repeat.

  4. I love the glove!

    Scoop’s coming right along, too.

  5. This is how I end up with UFO’s. Frustration sets in, and it gets flung to the corner.

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