D is for…

I’m not doing the ABC-along, but most people are on “D” now, and I Decided to Do a D Post anyway.

D is for… Delayed Christmas

My husband and I usually try to buy something for Christmas that we wouldn’t ordinarily buy for ourselves, but this last year we were stumped, and didn’t end up buying anything. But then, in January, of course, I finally thought of what would have been just right for him. And also something that would have been great for me, too. And so…

D is for Djembe


My husband is a drummer, but he can’t exactly take his drum set along with him when he goes to jam sessions. Something he’d wanted for a long time but had never bought was a Djembe – an African-style hand Drum. I wouldn’t attempt to pick one out for him, so I had him make the selection himself. He’s totally Delighted with his Dynamite new Djembe.

And for me? D is for DVDs



That’s Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen’s “Cardigan Details”, “A Knitting Glossary”, and  “Knitting Around”. The cost of the DVDs was a bit steep, and hard for me to justify buying for myself. But as a present from someone else? Downright Divine.

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3 Responses to D is for…

  1. Chris says:

    Oh, those are great gifts! I love the EZ videos (er, dvds now).

  2. How fantastic that you could give him something he really loved! Isn’t that the best part of Christmas?

  3. You could rent out those DVDs to offset the cost. . .I’m just sayin’

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