Walk With Me Weds… uh, I mean Thursday

Zowie! It was over 60 degrees yesterday, and oh, so nice. It seemed like a good day for a little walk around town. For this walk, I thought I’d focus on building murals. (Darn – I didn’t get over to the Sgt. Pepper mural!)

Click any photo for bigger.

There’s the plant store:
Plant store

And the Violin Making School:
Violin Making School

Gallenson’s and Guthrie’s:

Oh, and we mustn’t forget nature’s own mural (I’m talking about the mountains, not the State Wine Store, although that’s certainly a monument in its own right):

And Project 337, of course:
Project 337

Which is soon to be history, according to this sign:
Project 337

The end of my walk was rewarded by a quick trip here. Who was it who told me about their yogurt? Heather? I got some while I was there, along with my favorite, their Napoleon. (One of my two favorites, actually – my other favorite is their tiramisu.) Well, whoever it was – thank you! Yum! It’s so rich and creamy! I think that’s going to be my third favorite thing there.
The Bakery

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3 Responses to Walk With Me Weds… uh, I mean Thursday

  1. margene says:

    IT WAS ME!! You had quite the walk. Thank you for sharing our beautiful murals! And, today it rains…hmmmm.

  2. Chris says:

    I love murals! (You probably figured that out…) Thanks for sharing your walk!

  3. Andrea says:

    What does it say about me that I INSTANTLY recognized the State Wine Store, even though it’s fairly non-descript?

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