I’d like to be young enough to be able to pull this pattern off. Without people snickering behind my back.

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7 Responses to Minx

  1. Raise the neckline 3 inches, and wear it under a long-sleeved T-shirt. Cute winter tunic! Although I’d pick different colors.

  2. Stacey says:

    What about just bringing it up a tad or adding stitches at the side. I say a little black cami poking out.


  3. Lani says:

    Ooh! I agree with the rest… you could so mod that and pull it off!! (I’m not sure too many people could pull that off as it is anyway).

  4. Chris says:

    I’m not sure I was ever that young. 😉

  5. Anne B. says:

    C’mon, think of the great service you are going to get when you lean over the bar! Yeah, I wouldn’t wear something that low cut either. But the suggestions to pull it up 3 inches make a lot of sense. The pattern overall is very cute and would be flattering.

  6. Anne says:

    I wish I was young enough EVER to pull that off. I think I maybe coulda worked it at about age 13, but not since then. 😦

  7. Cayenne says:

    At least Tubey is pretty similar and will probably be more fun to knit.

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