Got Beef?

If you’re in Utah, and you’re a beef lover, RUN – do not walk – to the Tin Angel Cafe by the 17th. (Better yet, call ahead and make reservations!) They’re participating in the Dine-O-Round this year: a 3-course meal for $30 – salad, entree, and dessert (chocolate torte). You can choose either kobe* beef medallions or chantrelle-crusted scallops as the entree. Saturday night I went with some friends and had the scallops (which were very good), but after having a taste of their beef,¬† I insisted on making reservations for last night (Monday) as we left the restaurant. I had to go back and have an order of that beef all to myself. DH had no problem with that, as he loved the scallops and was happy to have them again. I’d never had kobe beef before, and at this price, it’s certainly affordable enough to try. Don’t expect a big steak – it’s just a few ounces, but it’s incredible. And it’s probably the kind of portion we should be eating instead of what we usually get in a restaurant.

The chocolate torte that comes with the 3-course meal is good, but trust me – spend an extra $2 and upgrade to the bread pudding.

If neither beef nor scallops tickle your fancy, check the link above to see their regular menu.

*Disclaimer: It’s technically Kobe-style beef, as it doesn’t come from Japan – it’s from Snake River Farms in Idaho, which is supposedly the leading producer of American-raised, Japanese-style wagyu or kobe beef. But it’s still awesome.

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One Response to Got Beef?

  1. Norma says:

    My mouth is watering! Good thing I have something in the oven, or I’d eat my hand.

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