WIP Wednesday


Artichoke socks in progress

I was glad to have taken some socks to Italy with me, because I was able to work on them during the train and bus rides. The Artichoke Socks have an easy-to-memorize pattern, so I didn’t have to worry about using a chart. But most of the time I was busy watching the beautiful countryside, so I really didn’t get much done on them.

I had hoped to get a lot more done on my Alpine Lace scarf, but only managed to get a few inches finished on the plane trips going to Europe, and wasn’t able to work on it on the way home since my needles were taken away at the Florence airport. I don’t know how much I’d have gotten done anyway, since I was pretty tired. I’m finding this pattern fairly easy to knit, but it goes pretty slowly. I tried to take an updated photo of my progress, but with flash it’s too hard to see the detail, and without it, I can’t get a good photo indoors – and it’s too rainy for an outdoors shot. So far I have 12 repeats of the center section finished. I’ll either need to put this project aside until I can order replacement needles from KnitPicks, or I’ll have to resort to using my Boye circulars.

Before leaving for Italy, I cast on and did a few rows of the Myrtle Leaf Shawl. I took it along in my checked bag, so that if I did get my needles taken away, I’d still have something to work on.  I probably should have taken that in my carry-on instead of the Alpine Lace scarf, since I’m using the wooden Harmony tips, but the yarn is nearly black and I was afraid it would be too hard to see with the dim plane lighting. But I guess if I want to put the Alpine Lace scarf on hold, I can work on this instead.

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1 Response to WIP Wednesday

  1. Chris says:

    I’m still boggled about your needles being confiscated.

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