In the Garden

Because Norma shamed me into inspired to start working in the garden yesterday (well, OK, the sunshine had a lot to do with it, too), I got out and started the huge task of weeding. Yes, I should have covered my garden beds with landscape fabric or newspaper or something last fall. Don’t remind me.

Anyway, while weeding away, I was delighted to see some garden visitors – this cute little ladybug nestled into a stalk of sage:
Ladybug on sage plant

And best of all – honeybees! After seeing so few last year, I was pretty worried. But they were out in force yesterday, enjoying my borage flowers. I even saw a bumblebee, too. That’s actually one of the reasons I planted borage, was to attract bees for the garden. The addition to my gin and tonics was just a secondary reason. Really.

Honeybee on borage plant

At least not all of the time was spent weeding. I also planted some arugula and cantaloupe in the raised beds. The main garden beds need to dry out a bit more after all of our rain before I can plant in them. Hopefully that will be soon!

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6 Responses to In the Garden

  1. margene says:


  2. Monica says:

    I love the ladybird photo!

  3. Anne B. says:

    Rain, rain go away!

  4. I love lady bugs! I was thinking of buying some so I can have more. Bad. I know.

  5. Chris says:

    I can’t remember the last time I saw an actual ladybug (vs one of those Asian beetles).

  6. Nora says:

    The borage is beautiful. I must investigate! We get a ton of bees visiting our coreopsis and black eyed Susans, which isn’t always fun when we want to sit outside, but I don’t want to discourage them.

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