WIP report

Artichoke Socks – slow but steady. I’m almost finished with the heel flap.

Artichoke Socks

Myrtle Leaf Shawl – another slow-but-steady. It’s hard to work on because of the dark yarn. The pattern isn’t that hard, but it’s patterning on both sides, so there’s no resting row. I’m including a nice flashy photo so you can get some vague idea of the pattern, but the color is better represented in the detail photo. I’ve decided it’s a midnight blue, but indoors, sometimes it looks more green than blue. (It’s Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in “Midnight”.)

Myrtle Leaf Shawl

Myrtle Leaf Shawl

Alpine Scarf – hibernating until I get replacement needles for the ones that were confiscated at the airport. (Knitpicks order has been placed.) I’m cheating – this is an old photo. It’s a couple of inches larger now.

Alpine Lace Scarf

Tubey – hibernating until I buy some US8 DPNs. (Do we sense a theme here?) Needles are on same order as above. No photo of this one, because frankly, it just looks like a big brown turd at this point. (Hmmm. That should get me some interesting Google hits.)

Lacy Gloves – hibernating for the summer. No point in working on these now! I’ll get back to them towards the fall. If I get over my aversion to the giant thumb gusset issue.

Avery gloves

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3 Responses to WIP report

  1. Lani says:

    Must. Not. Be. Tempted. !! So many beautiful projects!! (Always makes me want to cast on some more knits!) 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    Oooh, you are doing the Myrtle Leaf Shawl! I’ve always wanted to do that one but just never committed to it – can’t wait to see yours!

  3. Chris says:

    I love the twisty stitches on the scarf!

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