Tour of Tuscany – San Gimignano

San Gimignano was totally charming. It’s sort of the “New York Skyline” of Tuscany, with its many towers atop a hill. Unfortunately, we never had a chance to be somewhere to get a good photo of the town from a distance, so click here or here to see it. Evidently the towers were mostly just one-upmanship by the wealthy medieval families. You know the old “my tower’s bigger than your tower” routine.

We stopped at Pluripremiata Gelateria, which had a sign that said it was the Gelato World Champion of 2006/7 and 2008/9. The gelato was great of course, but we all actually preferred the gelato at the shop in Montecatini by the train station. (That place had a bunch of trophies in a case, so obviously other people must like it too.)

If you’ve seen “Tea with Mussolini“, part of it was filmed here.

The view from town, and especially from the towers, is fantastic – you get a huge panorama of Tuscany. The glory of this town isn’t in spectacular cathedrals or fabulous museums – it’s in the interesting streets or plants or frescoes; or the way greenery would tumble over the ancient walls. Just little gems that you’d spot here and there as you wander the streets.

So I’ll just leave you with a gallery of photos.

Towers in San Gimignano, Italy San Gimignano, Italy medieval wall
San Gimignano Frescoes The wall around San Gimignano
View of Tuscan landscape Doorway in San Gimignano, Italy Plaza in San Gimignano, Italy
View of Tuscany Fresco over an arch One of the main squares
San Gimignano, Italy Ceramics shop San Gimignano, Italy
San Gimignano One of many ceramics shops San Gimignano
View of Tuscan landscape Flowers Landscape
View of Tuscany Flowers View of Tuscany
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3 Responses to Tour of Tuscany – San Gimignano

  1. Cayenne says:

    Europe is just so gorgeous. It really makes me feel for those intrepid European pioneers who braved the dessert and plains of western America. I think you have a real gift for photography. Not surprising after seeing the beauty of your knitting.

  2. Peter says:

    Hi Cheryl
    Tuscany’s great….it certainly lived up to my expectations. In fact I recorded a fair number of places including Siena (my personal favourite) and Cortona, Lucca etc. is the result. I hope you like it!

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