Chick Flicks

It’s a good thing my husband doesn’t mind watching chick flicks. We both blubbered our way through “P.S. I Love You” last night. I’m blaming it on the Mojitos.

I was a little nervous to take a look at the sleeve of my cardi today, since knitting and Mojitos might not have mixed too well. But all is well – I didn’t goof anything up (thank goodness for stockinette), and I even got the increases right. I think.

Drops 106-3 Cardigan sleeve

But just in case, I fortified myself with some comfort food before taking a peek. Some Snyder’s Pumpernickel Onion Pretzel Sticks (man I love these – and I generally don’t even like pretzels – I was so happy to finally see them here after having some in Las Vegas last year), and some Carr’s Ginger Lemon Cremes.


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7 Responses to Chick Flicks

  1. Chris says:

    How well do those two snacks go together?!

  2. Cayenne says:

    I am afraid to watch that movie because it sounds horribly sad, but I adore the actors, so maybe I’ll overcome my hesitation eventually.

  3. It looks fine. From here anyway 😀

  4. margene says:

    I want to know what Chris asked. Did you find the cookies some place else or are they left over?

  5. Romi says:

    Hee. My husband indulges me, as well. He even loves Pride & Prejudice as much as I do!

    Cookies sound yummy. 🙂

  6. Miss T says:

    Mmmmm, mojitos!

  7. sil says:

    Those lemon ginger cookies are so delicious, one of my friends bans them from her house. Rightly so. They disappear so quickly.

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