Actual Knitting Content

I know, don’t faint.

I’m almost done with the Artichoke socks, thanks to the nice Frontrunner trip to Ogden on Saturday. It was the first time I’d been to the Needlepoint Joint, which was very nice. And sharing the ride with Heather and ChrisK made it a fun excursion. Plus we got to have lunch with Karen at Rooster’s. It was a great day! (I had fish tacos and Rooster’s Honey Wheat beer – both delicious.)

Since I’m nearly to the toe on those socks, I figured I’d better get started on another pair. This time I thought I’d try something different. And what better way to have a new experience, than to bring some friends along.

So may I present, the Margene Cookie sock (Hmmmm. Does that sound a bit kinky?)

Margene Cookie Sock

Pattern: Cookie’s no-longer-secret Cookie Cutter Short Row Tutorial

Yarn: Mama E’s C*eye*ber Fiber Sock Yarn, in colorway Margene. Named, of course, for Margene’s photos of our beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Well, not at this time of the year – the mountains are still green from all of our spring rain. But definitely at certain times of the year, like this one.

Cocktail: Mint Julep. No, I’m not a lush. Shut up. (See, I’m already learning great things from Cookie.)

And fortunately, plain stockinette is difficult to mess up, even after a couple of mint juleps.

Shut up.

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8 Responses to Actual Knitting Content

  1. Carole says:

    That may just be the best sock ever!

  2. Laurie says:

    Hahaha! My lips are sealed but the smile is still there.

    Bugey-Cerdon…sparkling red wine does it for us on the porch. Scrambles my knitting slowly.

  3. magene says:

    Well….it will be nice to see something different in your lap…er, hands. I was petting my Margene Sock yarn the other day. It looks great!

  4. Miss T says:

    Love the colors. Sigh…fish tacos and the Wasatch Mts.

  5. I think I’m in love with Cookie Cutter socks. And that colorway is beautiful.

    Happy Tuesday you lush!

  6. Cookie says:


    I’m so glad the tutorial worked for you. Loving that colorway.

  7. Oh, I wish I could have made it. Sounds like such fun.

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