Oh, hey – I meant to tell y’all. I got an email from NordicMart letting me know that the prices of the Garnstudio (Drops) yarn will be going up on August 1st due to the falling dollar and increasing fuel costs. But NordicMart will still be selling their existing inventory at the old prices for as long as the stock lasts (which means they may have some colors of the same yarn at different prices from each other). So if you’ve been thinking of trying some of their yarn, now’s a good time to buy.

I also want to say that I am really pleased with both the yarn quality and NordicMart’s customer service. The prices for the yarn are great, and NordicMart only charges a flat $5.95 for shipping. So far I’ve always had my order in hand 3 days after ordering (it’s shipped from California).  Their customer service is very helpful, and they’ve even thrown in an extra skein of yarn at no charge when I was trying to match the dyelot of a skein of yarn I already had on hand, just to make sure I didn’t have any dyelot problems.

I’ve only used the Muskat in a finished item, but I’ve swatched with a lot of the different yarns. I especially like the Safran and Merino (superwash!), but really, they’ve all been very nice. Yes, I placed a couple of big orders (one should be arriving today), but at least I have a project planned for everything I bought. Dang, I forgot to buy some of the “Kid-Silk” – it’s supposed to be very much like Kidsilk Haze, but currently it’s only $8.25 a ball – considerably less than KSH or Douceur et Soie.

Oh, and by the way, somebody was wondering where their yarns are made. I checked the ball bands, and they say “Made in EU”. So there you go, somewhere in the European Union.

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