Where Was Cheryl?

Unfortunately, as much as it might look like it, I was NOT in Switzerland with Claudia and Sil.

CCR Mosaic

But I guess it was about as close to it as I could get in Utah. I was in Midway, which is sort of the “Little Switzerland” of Utah. Many of the early settlers of this town were immigrants from Switzerland, and the area reminded them of their beloved Alps. A lot of the houses and buildings are built with a Swiss theme, and the big annual event is the Swiss Days festival, which is going on this weekend. Unfortunately, I did not get to it this year, even though I was in the area. I was staying at the Zermatt Resort, which looks like a little Alpine village (or at least, their interpretation of one). At any rate, it was a lovely place to stay and we had a great time.

Mosaic photos are as follows (click on a link to see the photo larger):

1. Blue Boar Inn, which houses a very nice restaurant.
2. Mule deer lawn ornament – this one is real.
3. Deer lawn ornament, of the non-breathing type.
4. House in Midway, Utah. This little gem, right across from the Homestead resort, can be yours for the reduced price of only $950,000.
5. Painted house
6. And some painted condos
7. The Carousel at Zermatt Resort
8. Wasatch Mountain State Park
9. Blue Heron at the pond at Zermatt (The heron is at the edge of the pond to the left of the large rock
10. Alphorn players

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6 Responses to Where Was Cheryl?

  1. Chris says:

    Cool! I love carousels. And wading birds. And lawn ornaments. 🙂

  2. margene says:

    It looks like you had a beautiful week away!!

  3. Lani says:

    You could have fooled me! Its absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Nora says:

    Aaah! I grew up in a town that calls itself “America’s Little Switzerland,” complete with the very architectural details and alphorn players you have shared here. Who knew?? Wonder if I have cousins in Utah?

  5. Stephanie says:

    Dropping in to tell you that I made your basil mojitos last night (with rum) and they were surprisingly delicious, and an awesome use of our present bumper crop of basil in the garden. Wicked good.


  6. Miss T says:

    That is truly odd. And interesting!

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