That’s what the recipe said.

“Butternut squash makes a resplendent pasta sauce.”

How could I resist? That big package of cut-up butternut squash just jumped into my cart at Costco, and I needed to do something with it.

Served with some fresh, crusty French bread and a glass of Kim Crawford unoaked Chardonnay, it made for a lovely high-carb, high-fat, white-food meal. Once in a while, you just need to do it.

I thought it was good, though next time I’d probably only use 12 ounces of pasta instead of 16. I picked the biggest leaves off my sage bush, but I still think it could have used a few more. I think using a little less pasta would help let the sage and squash flavors shine through. Otherwise, I’d probably use more sage leaves. By the way, sauteing cooked spaghetti squash in butter and sage makes a lovely dish as well.

It was hard to get a comment from my husband, since he was too busy eating to talk. But I think the blissful look on his face pretty much said it all.

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4 Responses to Resplendent

  1. Cookie says:

    Did y’all have a lovely nap after eating that? *L*

  2. Nora says:

    Hmmm. Not a squash fan – I think I’d go for the pasta, fat, and wine, and to hell with the squash!!


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