Dibs and Dabs

Has everyone seen the video of the meteor that passed over Canada on Thursday? How cool. That would have been great to see in person. Supposedly one of the flashes lit everything up like mid-day for a split second. You can kind of see that in the video.

I did have a giggle over this question I saw about it.

And this morning I read an article about the death of the woman who co-founded and ran the company that created one of the simplest but most well-known toys ever.

The Slinky. Yep, I have one. And the funny thing is, it was sitting on my coffee table. I came across it a couple of days ago, and was thinking that maybe I should see if any of the local grrls would like to have it, so I was going to take it to SnB. I know, it’s pretty low tech. Maybe no kids would even consider playing with it these days.

I considered just leaving it on my desk at home, since there’s something really appealing about it. The weight of it as you let it slink from hand to hand, along with the pleasant sound, is quite soothing. It’s as good as a stress ball. I used to keep it on my desk at work. But really, I have too much stuff on my desk already.

I think now I’ll go watch it walk down the stairs. While singing that silly Slinky jingle.

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8 Responses to Dibs and Dabs

  1. Chris says:

    The metal ones are still cool. 🙂 The plastic ones – meh.

  2. Cookie says:

    If you cannot find him a local home, I would be honored to give him one here in California.

  3. Carrie says:

    My 3 yr old has a plastic heart shaped slinky, and it’s one of his favorite things. I think you never really get over the slinky. I think there might be something wrong with a person who sees one and doesn’t immediately pick it up and mess with it.

  4. margene says:

    The new Slinky is sticky notes. I did see that video…it was SO COOL!

  5. My kiddos love their Slinkies, and I LOVE to make them go down stairs! 🙂

  6. sil says:

    I think those Slinkys are rather pretty in a post modern industrial kind of way. Maybe save it and put it on the xmas tree?

  7. Lani says:

    Has a slinky at work too! Although it’s a plastic one, it still works.

  8. Anne B. says:

    I don’t know of anyone who saw that meteor, that’s cool. Of course if it was after 9 pm I was already asleep I think. I”m soooo exciting these days… If it was an alien landing, I hope it was Dr. Who!

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