My Great Mental Powers

Sunday afternoon I went for a walk to my local park. As usual, I had to avoid this section of sidewalk at the end of my street (click photos for bigger):

This sidewalk has been obstructed by the sagging, vine-covered chain-link fence for at least 10 years, and through at least two owners. That “tree” in the upper center of the photo is some volunteer tree that has been growing on the inside of the fence, pushing it outward. It gets worse every year, and especially now since the property has been for sale for ages.

Recently I’ve been thinking that I should report it to the city, since it clearly violates the sidewalk ordinance.  I even researched it enough to find out what department it needed to be reported to. But I wanted to take pictures of it, and get the name of the real estate agent off the sign, so I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. But on Sunday, I took this picture of it, and got the exact address and the agent’s name so I could file a complaint.

I noticed as I walked past that there was a paper taped to the front door. It occurred to me that it would be pretty coincidental if it was a violation notice. But I didn’t go up to look, because there was a car out front.

Monday morning we went out early to do some shopping. The car was back, and there was a man trimming the vines off the fence. He was still working on cleaning it up late in the afternoon. It was a big job.

Yesterday morning when I went out for my walk, this is how it looked:

Quite a difference, eh? There’s even some blue painters tape on the top edge of the fence to help protect people from ripping themselves or their clothing on the sharp edges of the chain link where it sags out over the sidewalk. Hopefully that’s only until they actually fix the fence.

Maybe this had something to do with the change (yes, I was snoopy):

Obviously I must have great mental powers that caused the city to inspect the property just because I was thinking about reporting it. I should have thought about this years ago.

Hmmm. I should start imagining all of those sweaters being knitted next year. Maybe they’ll knit themselves.

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8 Responses to My Great Mental Powers

  1. Chris says:

    Please only use your powers for good.

  2. Carrie says:

    Yeah, um, don’t go thinking about my yard or anything…

  3. Let’s add mentalist to your list of awesome powers! 🙂

  4. margene says:

    Well, you should be able to think your way through all that knitting if your powers are that great!

  5. Birdsong says:

    Wow, I’m impressed! I do think those mental powers might come in handy as you keep obstacles cleared to make the pathway through knitting twelve sweaters in a year.

  6. Lani says:

    Ooh, would you please start thinking about all the sweaters and projects that I should knit too?? 😉

  7. carla says:

    Please come over and think about my neighbor’s garbage cans…

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