Oh, All Right.

Since everyone else is doing it…

I couldn’t choose the 6th photo in my 6th picture folder, since that folder only contained more folders. So I had to choose 6-6-6 (the 6th picture in the 6th folder in the 6th folder).

This is a very early morning shot of a hot air balloon being filled, from when I went on a balloon ride in Arizona in 2003.

Hot Air Balloon

And for your daily laugh: someone sent me a link to this video recently. It totally gave me the giggles.

And if that’s not enough, check out this video of a printer that comes with its own feline shredder attachment.

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6 Responses to Oh, All Right.

  1. Elizabeth in Apex, NC says:

    First of all, did you love your balloon ride as much as I loved mine? I went with my brother on his 16th birthday, and it was beautiful and fun (and freezing). The only down side was the landing in the field of horses, when both the pilot and my brother landed on top of me while I landed on top of the tank… the bruises lasted a while, but it was totally worth it.

    As for the cats… that first one is just the cutest. Our cats have been gone a while, but I loved their personality quirks like that. Our gray cat loved potato chips and would sit, seemingly idle, next to you and then snatch the chip from your hand and race from the room. I’m sure it was terrible for him but it was so, so funny.

  2. margene says:

    The look on that cats face!
    Was the balloon ride scary?

  3. Chris says:

    I have a similar challenge trying to figure out which is the 6th picture! Yours is very cool. Hee hee – the kitty and the printer is very cute.

  4. Nicole says:

    Thanks for the morning laugh! The kitty must be thinking “this machine makes to damn much noise. I must shut it up!” I love how the attacks get more and more emphatic.

  5. Cookie says:

    Very good sixth photo.

    I love a kitty that’s hard at work. *L*

  6. Stacey says:

    Figures that YOU would have to go all 666 on us. 😀


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