More of the ‘hood

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Usually on my walks I head either north to the downtown area, or east to one of the big city parks. But for this walk, I decided to head west. Mainly because I’ve been wanting to take a closer look at this house, tucked in next to a Saturn car dealership. I rather like the Beetlejuice-ish “thing” coming out of the attic, and the scary tree. The mouth of the tree is actually carved into it. I assume it’s a dead tree – at this time of year, it’s hard to tell.

And then there’s the Camelot Hostel, which would clearly be the place to stay when you come into town to pick up your Ferrari/Lotus/Maserati from the dealer a block away. After all, you’ve spent all your money on the car, right?

And if there’s any problems with the brakes or muffler on that Maserati, you can just take it here for a quick fix.

I also enjoy the house of perpetual Halloween. I think these decorations are up all year.

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8 Responses to More of the ‘hood

  1. Elizabeth in Apex, NC says:

    What a colorful place! The tree is awesome… totally looks like it’s going to scream, “Whaddya want!” the moment you step into the yard.

  2. Lauren says:

    I love it all – that first house is crazy though!

  3. Heather Joins The Round says:

    Maybe Day of the Dead?

    You made me laugh with the Maserati thing.

  4. Chris says:

    Love it!! But I bet that doesn’t surprise you at all. 🙂

  5. margene says:

    You live amidst the barrio, a very interesting place. Can you believe Harris is still in business?

  6. Nora says:

    So fun! I love the little pipe guy.

  7. Lani says:

    *Dreams of a Maserati*

  8. Cookie says:

    Who knew Utah was so interesting and colorful?!

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