A Matched Set

Since I had lots of black and green yarn left over from my Holly and Poinsettia mittens, I decided to make a matching neckwarmer.

Neckwarmer and mittens

I used my Bristol Neck Warmer pattern, holding the yarns doubled throughout. I did one row each of several of the colors used for the mitten cuff, then a stripe of green, a larger section of black, and then reversed the colors and cast off. I finished it off by using some stem stitch to embroider some scrolling vines in the black section.

See it on Ravelry

Now I can send the leftover yarn to it’s next tag team recipient.

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15 Responses to A Matched Set

  1. margene says:

    I love it! The neck warmer is so pretty! Good work.

  2. Cookie says:

    You are so good.

    It’s raining here. Hopefully, that will mean snow for you soon.

  3. Carrie K says:

    That’s so clever! And cute! I love the set.

    It’s raining here too. Yay, rain!

  4. Anne says:

    Now how cute is that??? Boy that yarn is gonna be wellll traveled when it’s done, isn’t it? 🙂

  5. Elizabeth in Apex, NC says:

    That’s awesome!

  6. Lani says:

    Ooh! So pretty!

  7. Chris says:

    Gorgeous!! And so nicely timed with the Yarn Harlot’s post about matching sets…

  8. Robby says:

    Wow! That’s it, just wow! Oh, and gorgeous.

  9. Lauren says:

    How awesome!! I love it.

  10. Norma says:

    OMG, it’s a BEAUTIFUL set!

  11. Chris says:

    That’s beautiful – I love the way the cowl turned out!

  12. stacey says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to see it on a big screen. (I’m posting from my phone – still @ lake house) Wonderful progress on your MODO stuff. xoxo

  13. sandy says:

    That is a great set, Cheryl! I love the little whimsy on the neckwarmer! Warm hands and neck for you!

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