A bit of progress

I haven’t had much knitting time in the past few days, but at least I’ve made some progress on the Drops 103-1 jacket.

Drops 103-1

That’s the good news.

What you probably won’t notice in the picture is that I forgot to put in buttonholes. Oops. Oh well, I’ll figure something out. There are lots of ways to get around that.

Also, I had planned to knit the sleeves in the round since I didn’t want a bulky seam in them, and still don’t know if I want them to be 3/4 or full-length. Sadly, I discovered that I have no size 11 DPNs. I do have a 47″ cable for my Knit Picks options, so I guess I could try Magic Loop. Or I could get out my Boyes and use two circulars. I shudder in horror at either choice. I’ve never done well with either method – I hate having the cables and needles flop all around, and I have worse laddering problems than I do with DPNs.

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12 Responses to A bit of progress

  1. margene says:

    I did get used to Magic Loop and like doing my sleeves that way. Two circ just drive me bats. Your sweaters always have fun closures. You’ll think of something cool.

  2. Miss T says:

    Very pretty so far!

  3. Cookie says:

    Do you really need button holes? You’re fabulous without them and what have they ever done for you?

    Good luck on making the sleeves work. I know you’ll figure something out.


  4. Nora says:

    Isn’t that always the way?

    The sweater is looking fab.

  5. Chris says:

    Buttonholes are so pesky. Look at how gorgeous the sweater is without them!

  6. Lani says:

    I’m totally with you on the cables floppin’ and twistin’ around!! DPN love all the way!

    It looks so good no one will notice the lack of buttonholes anyway! šŸ˜‰

  7. Monica says:

    I just checked to see if I had 11’s I could loan you, as I rarely use DPN’s (I’m a magic loop girl) but all I have is 10 1/2’s. Bummer! The jacket looks fab so far, though!

  8. Elizabeth in Apex, NC says:

    The sweater looks Mahvelous!

    And maybe now is a good time for an early Valentine’s Day present? I bet some size 11 DPNs would make a lovely gift…

  9. Carrie K says:

    The sweater looks fab! Isn’t it an a-line sweater? So it would swing open anyway and would look nice w/just a button at the top.

  10. Laurie says:

    I think you can be very creative with closures instead of buttons!

  11. I’d ten times rather use DPN than magic loop or two circs.

    Lookin’ good, Cheryl!

  12. elizabeth says:

    It looks great! I keep forgetting that I want to make that sweater (again – the first one I knit had 8″ positive ease)!

    I agree about two circs, all those dangling needles and yarn tangles – nothankyou.

    Can’t wait to see it finished!

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