I decided to do the Magic Loop thing for the sleeves.

Drops 103-1

I picked up stitches around the armhole and shaped the sleeve cap with short rows. I think it’s going to work out fine, although that darn cable keeps flopping up into the way while I’m knitting.

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13 Responses to Loopy

  1. margene says:

    You’ve got to show that cable who’s boss. Maybe 40″ would be easier.

  2. Cookie says:

    You cannot let that cable win.

  3. joan says:

    Sometimes I think it should be called Annoying Loop.

  4. Carrie says:

    If the cable is being particularly annoying, I stick my arm through it.

  5. Carrie K says:

    The magic loop method is way fun on sleeves.

  6. Nora says:

    Hmm. It all sounds very violent. I think I’ll knit a vest, instead.

  7. Monica says:

    Yeah, I don’t use such a long cable for magic loop. 32″ is perfect for me.

  8. Norma says:

    Yeah, I like the idea of “annoying loop.” Though some people, of course, swear by it. Someday you’re going to have to show me how to do sleeves that way.

  9. Brenda says:

    The sleeve looks good. I’ve never tried magic loop as I’ll happily shove over 100 stitches on dpns. A flopping cable does not sound like fun.

  10. Cayenne says:

    Does twisting the needles help, so that the loops go down instead of up? It usually helps me, but I only have 40″.

  11. Chris says:

    Hopefully one of the tips above allowed you to whip the cable into shape!

  12. Lauren says:

    I love magic loop for sleeves. Your sweater is looking great!

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