The Thrill is Gone

And we’re back to reality. And snow.

No more of our beds being turned down every night, topped with a little square of chocolate.

No more cabana boys.

No more warm chocolate melting cake.

No more fabulous fish tacos from the street vendor.

And no more of this:

Norma enjoying the cruise

Waaaaah! No more sun! No more Norma!

We had a wonderful cruise, and much better weather than had been predicted. It was slightly on the cool side, but mostly sunny. Our day at sea provided enough sun and warmth to sunbathe and get some of that Vitamin D flowing – something we northerners are sadly lacking in the winter.

Enjoying the sun

It makes you feel so good. So happy. So frisky. And… hey! Cut that out! Go find yourself a cabana boy.

Enjoying the sun too much

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9 Responses to The Thrill is Gone

  1. Chris says:

    Where are the cabana boy pictures?!??

  2. margene says:

    Ya, what Chris said. How do you like the welcome home you got from the weather? I know…it sucks.

  3. Cookie says:

    I wanna see cabana boys. /pout

  4. Carrie says:

    ROFL. Looks like a lovely time. (Don’t they know it’s all about the cute bartenders and towel boys on ship? Mostly the bartenders, really.)

  5. Stacey says:

    Welcome back! I missed you! What happens on the ship, stays on the ship.

  6. Norma says:


    Hoo boy, that could be considered blackmail material. LOVE it!!!! It is frickin FREEZIN in New York. But I hardly noticed today — had a great time with the kids and in the spa. And MORE FOOD, if you can believe it — and I KNOW you can!

    It was such a wonderful time. Thank you again for comin’ along for the ride. *hug*

  7. Nora says:

    I am NOT jealous.



  8. Anne B. says:

    Oh boy, from that to snow. Oh well, hopefully summer will get here extra quick eh?

  9. Lani says:

    Bahahaha!!! Looks like you had a blast!! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

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