Minor Updates

There’s not really much to report in the way of knitting, since Thermal is continuing to grow, but very slowly. I’m still a couple of inches short of completing the back.

And because I’m stubborn, I’ve started reknitting the dreaded Seed Stitch Shell. The back is complete, and the front is about half finished. I don’t have any photos, but they’d look pretty much the same as the first go-round.

I also have an update on the Artisan 5-minute Pumpernickel bread that I made. Although I thought the first loaf was a little yeasty and salty tasting, I’m happy to say that those problems went away for the next loaf, and it was pretty much perfect. Letting the dough sit an extra day really made a difference.

I had let the dough rest in the refrigerator for about 18 hours before making the first loaf, and it was about another 24 hours after that when I made the second loaf. I still have half of the dough left to bake, which I’ll probably do tomorrow.

After tasting the second loaf, I’m definitely giving the recipe a big thumbs up.

And just so you have something pretty to look at before the weekend, here’s a sunset from the cruise:


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8 Responses to Minor Updates

  1. margene says:

    The sunset looks like last nights here in Utah!

  2. Nora says:

    That’s gorgeous, and I think I need to make some bread.

  3. Chris says:

    *enjoys sunset, especially since there’s no snow in the picture*

  4. OK, I’ve got to try the bread now!

  5. Norma says:

    You got all the GOOD pictures! I’ve really got to get my photo-taking act together. First on the list would be desire, I guess. I never have the desire when I’m in the moment, but always regret it later.

  6. elizabeth says:

    I have GOT to get that book! The sunset is beautiful – have a great weekend!

  7. Cookie says:

    Love the photo!

    I’m so glad the bread got better. I think I’ll make some this weekend.

  8. Miss T says:

    I need to start *more* bread!

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