We Steal Everything

Sadly, I will not be in town to witness the Second Annual Salt Lake City Urban Iditarod, an idea stolen from the Portland Urban Iditarod and/or the Idiotarod.

It does sound fun, though.

I think that for a change, other states should copy some Utah event.

Hmmmm. Handcart treks? Well, I guess that’s already done in a few states. Re-enacting the Miracle of the Gulls? That might be fun. People dressed as seagulls chasing or racing against people dressed as crickets.  But I guess we’d have to make that an event here first, before it could be stolen by another state.

Any suggestions on other Utah events that would be worthy of stealing?

For those of you in other states, do you have any unique events that should be stolen by others?

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8 Responses to We Steal Everything

  1. Cookie says:

    May I interest you in the chicken festival?

    I love that it has a BBQ as a part of the event. *L*

    (wonders if the link will work)

  2. margene says:

    Someone should steal Buttars-polusa! 😉

  3. Norma says:

    As part of our maple festival, we have the Sap Run.

  4. Robby says:

    Surely you would enjoy “Frozen Dead Guy Days”?


  5. Nora says:

    LOL at Robby – I’ve wanted a Frozen Dead Guy t-shirt since I visited Nederland 3 years ago. How about this one: http://www.muscoda.com/event_morels_09.html (The Muscoda Wisconsin Morel Mushroom Festival).

  6. Utah is home to a great tradition, the Frozen Hog mountain bike race in February. Not so sure how many other States do that! Crazy people ride their mountain bikes around on ice and snow, then have a party after! That could be a great event to export!

  7. Pub Crawl says:

    Stolen? I was in the first Urban Iditarod that Portland had and was on Headline News the same as most of the other looneys. It was just a bunch of drinkers with a running problem and one crazy idea given to us from a guy in SF.

    So, stolen? I don’t think so. Exported may be more like it…

    See everyone there!!

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