5" of Grapefruit, 4" of Snow, 3" of Sleeve

We woke up to 4″ of snow on our railing this morning. Considering how much the snow melted and compacted, we really got quite a bit more. Fortunately, it’s just melted on the roads. That’s one nice thing about spring snowstorms.

Grapefruit and Snow

We bought a big bag of Ocean Spray grapefruit at Costco a few days ago. Just look at these guys! Each one weighs about 1.75 pounds, and is a full 5″ across when cut.


They’re also some of the juciest, sweetest grapefruits I’ve ever had. Maybe not quite as good as the ones I had freshly picked off the tree in Belize, but pretty darn close.

It makes for a great breakfast with the Grapefruit Green tea Margene gave me a sample of. I may have to go buy some – I think I’ve steeped the leaves to death over the last two days.

As for my Baby Cables sweater, the moral of the story is RTFP. Read The F’ing Pattern.

I finished the cable on one sleeve, and thought I just had to do a few rows of garter stitch. That’s when I looked at the pattern and realized I needed to change to garter stitch one cable twist before the end of the sleeve cable. That was 3″ back. Crappers! It took me 2 hours to rip and redo that part of it, but at least one sleeve is done.

That was the third time I had to rip a big chunk of the sleeve out. Between that and the 6″ of body I frogged, I’d be wearing the sweater today if I hadn’t been so stupid.

Oh well, my goal is to try to have it finished by the end of the month (tomorrow).

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11 Responses to 5" of Grapefruit, 4" of Snow, 3" of Sleeve

  1. Amy says:

    mmm, grapefruit…

  2. margene says:

    If only I had one of L’s grapefruit martinis!!

  3. elizabeth says:

    Mmmmm….grapefruit martinis! Sounds wonderful!

  4. Carrie says:

    Wow, grapefruit does sound good! Bummer about the sleeve, but the hard-won battles are the best ones, right?

  5. Miss T says:

    Yum. I love grapefruit.

  6. Stacey says:

    How yummy! Good luck with the sweater! You can do it.

  7. Cookie says:

    Suddenly, I need grapefruit. Go figure.

  8. I wish I could buy that many grapefruit. It smells heavenly!

  9. Chris says:

    Sweeter than ruby red grapefruit?! Oh my.

    *sigh* That snow thing? Could be us in the morning. *lalalalalalala*

  10. Anne says:

    Oh! You are supposed to read the pattern? Who knew?!?

    Didja know that Tea Forte has some little infusers you can get now to make flavored alcoholic beverages? The one with lemongrass in it would make an awesome grapefruit/lemongrass martini!

  11. Norma says:

    Grapefruiiiiitttttt! One of the most memorable desserts I’ve ever had was at a now-defunct French restaurant in Burlington — grapefruit sorbet. OMG, that was wonderful.

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