Species Tulips

Some of you were intrigued or baffled by the tulips in Friday’s post.

The flowers in the lower right are the same variety (though not the same plants) as the ones in the upper left. They’re some sort of species or botanical tulip, but since I didn’t plant them, I don’t know exactly what variety they are. ETA: Evidently they’re most likely not species tulips, but Kaufmanniana tulips. However, they don’t have mottled leaves, so the jury’s still out.

During the day, if it’s sunny, the flowers open wide like stars (the lower right photo in that post), but in the evening they close up again, and stay that way until the next sunny day.  So you get a completely different looking flower in the afternoon than in the mornings or evenings. Although the photos of both sets of tulips were taken in the morning, the “open” ones were in the back yard in the sun, while the “closed” ones were in the front yard in the shade of the house.

They’re normally a creamy white or very pale yellow with fat red stripes on the outside of the petals, like this:



But for some reason this year, they’re turning pink! They’re starting out off-white, and as the flowers age, they’re changing color. The photos below are the exact same flowers as the ones in the lower right photo of Friday’s post:



And here’s how the same tulips look this morning, before opening up for the day:


I have some other species tulips in the garden, but they’re only just starting to bud. Some of them have beautiful striped/mottled foliage.

The species tulips are great to plant and forget – they come back year after year, and spread happily if given a good environment. They’re perfect for rock gardens in this type of climate, because they like hot, dry soil in the summer.

This fall, I’ll be looking for some other varieties of species tulips to add to the garden.

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8 Responses to Species Tulips

  1. Cookie says:

    Those are so nice. I love the fancy tulips that do tricks like that. I want to say the Brecks/Springhill people carry those bulbs.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Stacey says:

    The pink is so wonderful! Hmmm… I may have to make some changes to the bulb garden plan.

  3. Chris says:

    Those are really cool.

  4. Carrie says:

    They’re wonderful! I wonder if they like it as hot and dry as it is here? Must research.

  5. Norma says:

    LOVELY. Hot and dry, eh? I guess they’re not so much for here, then. *pout*

  6. Wowie, that is a lot of bang for your flower buck! I had no idea.

  7. elizabeth says:

    That’s really cool! Love that you get so many looks from one flower!

  8. Miss T says:

    Very, very pretty.

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