Weekend Festivities

Although we did not do any Passover or Easter festivities (other than my having Easter brunch with my mother), there was still a lot of cooking at Chez Schumer over the weekend.

I had a dinner on Saturday, and went a bit overboard with the preparations.

I made hummus from scratch (with dried chickpeas, even!), baked bread,


and made Seafood Manicotti with Harvest Pear crisp for dessert.

For the pasta, I used these cute little sombreroni – Mexican Hat pasta which was brought back from Italy by a friend. There weren’t enough of them for the full recipe, so I also cooked some large shell pasta. Sadly, I underestimated what I needed for the filling, so I had to cook a THIRD batch of pasta.


The seafood recipe was delicious, and I’d certainly make it again. However, it took far longer than 30 minutes to cook down the cream. It was more like 1 1/2 hours. But I think that’s only because I didn’t have the heat high enough – after an hour I cranked it up, and then things went much better. Also, since I had so many other things to do, I substituted 1 pound of cooked, peeled shrimp for the 2 pounds of raw shrimp in the shell. I just added the shrimp and crab to the sauteed vegetables after they were tender.

After 4 1/2 hours in the kitchen, this is what I was left with. This is what DIDN’T go in the dishwasher.

Disaster area

Fortunately, the Pontiff did the cleanup.

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11 Responses to Weekend Festivities

  1. Chris says:

    Ok, that stripey hat pasta is FUN. You are very lucky to have kitchen cleanup person. šŸ™‚

  2. Stacey says:

    I am seriously coming to visit sometime. šŸ˜€ And I’ll even do the cleanup.

  3. margene says:

    OMG, that’s a good reason not to cook. I’ll bet dinner was fabulous, however.

  4. Carrie says:

    I did the caramel pecan rolls from the 5-minute book and I am spreading the word. They were SO. GOOD. I love your pastas, though, tres cute!

  5. Cayenne says:

    That bread is beautiful and it sounds like a heavenly meal. Yea for husbands who clean up!

  6. Good man!

    The pasta is adorable. I’ve never made pasta before, gotta put that on my list.

  7. Cookie says:

    I agree with Margene!

  8. Norma says:

    Those were the days….when I used to cook like that. I just don’t do it anymore, and I’m terribly out of practice as a result, so when the odd time DOES arise that I need to, I just can’t seem to rise to the occasion.

  9. susan says:

    The hummus was excellent!

  10. Nora says:

    What fun! That pasta is so cute!!

  11. Lani says:

    Yum, yum, yum, and yum some more!! It all looks soooo delicious!! (And yay for not having to clean up afterwards!)

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