More tulips, and a knitting update

Is that a boring enough title? And I don’t even have Typepad.

I think I’ve finally discovered what kind of tulips my early ones are. Evidently they’re not species tulips, but most likely kaufmanniana (water lily) tulips. My second variety is blooming now. Not only are the flowers pretty, but I love the striking foliage as well. I think these may be Kaufmanniana Johann Strauss.


And now some of the other tulips are starting to bloom – yellow and purple so far.


I’m pleased to see that the tulips I planted last year are all coming up nicely, though it’ll be a while yet before they bloom. I’m excited to start thinking about what other bulbs I’ll want to plant this fall.

And the knitting?

One sleeve of Thermal is done and seamed in place. The second sleeve is knitted to the elbow. I’m trying to stick with it and just get it done. I stupidly forgot my initial plan to wet-block the sleeve when I got to the sleeve cap, and check it for length. I remembered after doing most of the cap. I figured I’d just wet-block it after I finished it. But then again, I forgot and seamed it in. (What can I say, I guess I just got too excited about having the sleeve done!) So as it turned out, the sleeve grew a lot more than I expected (much more than the body did).

I decided my choices were to leave it as it was and just turn back the cuff, cut off the cuff, shorten the sleeve at the cuff end, and graft the cuff back on (but of course, the number of stitches would be different because of the increases), or suck it up and unseam the sleeve, rip out the entire cap plus two inches, and then reknit the cap.  This last choice would also mean I could reshape the cap, which was really, really square at the top. Although it would mean reknitting 6″ of sleeve cap after ripping it all out, the second sleeve would be knit 2″ shorter, so it really wouldn’t be that much more knitting. But I really wasn’t excited to have to set the sleeve in again, because after several tries, I had finally gotten it looking OK.

I ended up taking the cowardly route and just leaving it. I decided that I actually liked how the sleeves looked with the cuffs turned back better than with them down, so that made it an easy choice. The sleeve could still be slightly shorter, but it’s not bad. I’ll just have to see how it wears. If after some wearings and more washings, the sleeves stretch out too much, I guess I can go to plan B.

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5 Responses to More tulips, and a knitting update

  1. Cookie says:

    Love the tulips!

    I think that’s a good plan. I think that style of sweater will look cute with the sleeves folded up. I’m glad you’re not rushing into anything. You can always work on it again later if it needs it.

  2. Chris says:

    Titles are hard.

    LOL – wow, you were really excited to get that sleeve attached, weren’t you!?

  3. margene says:

    The knitting goddess has not been in a good mood lately…everything is going wrong! The sleeve will certainly look fine. I’d like to know how you did that cool Rav linky thingy and can I do it on Typepad?

  4. Nora says:

    I think the cuffs turned back is a good look. No worries.

  5. Lani says:

    Those are beautiful Tulips! Glad to hear that the sleeve didn’t have to be ripped back and reknit! 🙂

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