Viva Las Vegas

Believe it or not, our main purpose for going to Las Vegas wasn’t to go shopping at Costco and Trader Joe’s. Really.

Chuck Negron

We had free tickets to see Chuck Negron, with Bobby Kimball as the opener. If you know who they are, you’re probably old. Heh.

I’ve got to say, Chuck looked and sounded great. It’s pretty amazing after everything he’s been through. We’d heard that his concerts tended to be definitely “on” or “off”. This one was “on”. In fact, one of the casino employees told us that he’d seen Chuck six times, and this performance was definitely the best. He looked very relaxed and happy, and he had a lot of friends and relatives at the performance. His son filled in on bass on a few songs, and one of his daughters joined in for the encore (“Joy to the World”, of course). He’s one heck of a success story in turning one’s life around.

We also planned on doing some swimming at my brother-in-law’s. Sadly, Las Vegas had their June weather in May, and now they’re having their May weather. It was sunny, but too cold to swim. We did take one short dip in the pool on Sunday when the water temp finally got up to 80 (about the same as the air temp), but it was definitely chilly.

We still had fun around the pool, though. My BIL’s two Wire Fox Terriers are a riot. They’re one and two years old. Neither of them likes to go into the pool, but they both love to drink out of it. The older one was having a drink, and the younger one kept coming up behind him and trying to push him in (unsuccessfully). We were totally cracking up. After about 5 times, it occurred to me to get my camera, but by then it was too late – the fun was over. I did snap this photo of the “lap dogs”. Fortunately, they’re not as large as Gadabout Knitter’s dogs.

Spike and friends

Oh, and yes, I have another FO.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Summer Swing Jacket

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7 Responses to Viva Las Vegas

  1. Stitch-n-Snitch says:

    Love those buttons! 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Glad you got see a great show!

    Oh, those are great buttons.

  3. Carrie says:

    WHAT?! You went for some other reason than Costco liquor? /faints from shock
    Oooh, fantastic buttons! Bummer it was too cold to swim. I didn’t know that ever happened in the desert.

  4. Miss T says:

    Chuck Negron? Seriously? Wow. And yeah, I suppose that means I’m busted.

  5. Cookie says:

    Adorable doggies!

    You’re such a tease.

  6. Carrie K says:

    It was too cold to swim when I was Vegas too. Total waste of time.

    Those lapdogs are adorable! Too bad you didn’t get a pic of the pool antics but it does sound cute.

    Ooh, pretty partial sweater!

  7. Lani says:

    Bahahahaaha! I love puppy antics!! It’s so intriguing to see their different personalities. (And smaller just means more can fit on your lap/on the bed at once.) 😉

    The sneak peak??! I love the buttons, totally can’t wait to see the rest of it!

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