CSA, Week 5

This week’s haul:

Borski Farms CSA, week 5

3 ears of bi-color corn, a cucumber, a bunch of beets, a pound of green beans (I really needed those, eh? Did I ask you to remind me not to plant so many green beans next year?), a bag of red potatoes, and a cup of black raspberries.

Since I picked 3 cups of black raspberries from the yard today, I have a quart ready for some delightful dessert. Our blackberry harvest is excellent this year. The blackberries must have loved all of the rain this spring, especially since they don’t get any watering otherwise.

Hmmm. What shall it be? Blackberry cobbler? Scones? Pie?

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5 Responses to CSA, Week 5

  1. Cher says:

    I remember that I used to take my little tiny long haired chihuahua to the garden with me. I would sit him inside the fence and give him a raw green bean to chew on while I picked tomatoes. I have very fond memories of fresh green beans. 🙂

  2. maybe you should make that mock lattice “pie” Mark Bittman had this week. He used peaches and cherries, but blackberries would be delightful. Or maybe a free-form tart?

  3. Chris says:

    Blackberry scone cobbler pie, methinks. With green bean garnish.

  4. Cookie says:

    Ever think of pickling some green beans?

    Yes! Make it all and torture me with it.

  5. margene says:

    Oooo, why not pie, scones and ice cream topping!?

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