The other night a coupling on one of our water pipes broke outside – a pipe that feeds the yard sprinklers and the hose bib.  It apparently broke in the evening, but we didn’t discover the problem until the following morning. That should do wonders for our water bill.

We have a sort of a shed that was built against the house – it was actually designed to house the boiler for the hot tub on the upper deck and provide access to the plumbing. We’ve never used the hot tub – the previous owner spent years trying to get it to work, but kept having problems with it leaking, and because it had an electric boiler instead of gas, it cost a fortune to run even when it wasn’t leaking. All of the water pipes for the hot tub, sprinklers, and back yard hose bib run through the interior of the shed.

Earlier this year we spent days getting everything out of the shed (including the boiler), cleaning it all up, and putting in shelving and hangers for all of the garden tools and supplies. Everything was neat, clean, and organized.

When the pipe fitting broke inside the shed, it not only soaked everything for hours, it caused the sprinkler control panel to wig out, so all of the sprinklers (front and back) were evidently running all night. Anything in the shed that was in any sort of paper container (bags or boxes of organic fertilizer and other gardening stuff) or which otherwise shouldn’t get wet was ruined. Paperwork, like the instructions for the sprinkler control is probably also ruined (it’s all still drying).

Tools are already rusty.

Rusty Trowel

And to make it worse, everything in the shed and for several feet outside of it looks like it’s covered with mud. It’s actually dissolved paint from the ceiling and walls of the shed (fortunately they’re just painted wood and not sheetrock).

Messy Floor

It could have been a lot worse, I guess – at least the water didn’t get into the basement. There’s a stairwell with an access door to the basement right next to the shed, but the threshold kept out most of the water, and the drain in the stairwell took care of what did get in. And now that the sprinkler control panel has dried out, it looks like it’s still in working condition. I don’t know yet about any of the other electrical tools that were in the shed.

We’ve got a lot of cleanup ahead, but it will have to wait for a few days. DH has gone out of town to visit his father (in the hospital with an obstructed bowel and pneumonia – doesn’t look good, I’m afraid), and I’m laid up with a back injury (getting a little better, but slowly). I can do some of the cleanup as long as it doesn’t involve much bending or lifting, but that doesn’t leave a lot for me to do except move the lightweight stuff out in the sun to dry, and clean up the hand tools.

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15 Responses to Crappers.

  1. Chris says:

    Oh no!!! 😦 What a horrible weekend. *hug* Here’s hoping you get better very quickly. My thoughts are with your DH and his family.

  2. Karen says:

    Oh no. Oh no. I hope your yard clears up all by itself. I hope your back gets better immediately. I hope your father-in-law recovers. Why do things like this happen all at once?

  3. Anne says:

    Just let it sit for a while. Reinjuring your back won’t get it cleaned up any quicker. What a mess!

    So sorry to hear as well about your FIL!

  4. susan says:

    Oh, dear, crappers is right.

  5. Stacey says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with it alone and with a bad back. Hmmmm… perhaps a trip to SLC. I don’t have anything to do for three weeks.

  6. Norma says:

    Boy, this has been a week. Sorry about all your travails. Here’s hoping it starts to look up for all of us. So sorry to hear about your FIL, too.

  7. Lauren says:

    Gosh, I’m sorry for the all the bad things happening. If I could help you out I would. Sorry 😦

  8. margene says:

    What a mess! If you need any help let us know!

  9. Katheirne says:

    Ugh, sorry to hear you’ve had a very bad week. I hope the best for your FIL and back and the shed.

  10. Cayenne says:

    I’m so sorry! I hope your back heals quickly. What a mess. I have to admit when I read the title of your blog I thought you finished Nell and it was too short. I am guessing that would have been better than what really happened, but maybe not….

  11. Nora says:

    Take care, Cheryl – I hope things start to look better on all fronts very soon!

  12. LisaK says:

    That bites!!! I’m so sorry this happened. Healing thoughts to you and your FIL.

  13. Miss T says:

    Ohh, sorry you’re having trouble! Plumbing problems really are the pits. I hope your FIL will be okay.

  14. Carrie K says:

    Oh yuck. I hope elves miraculously clean it all up. And take care of your back.
    Prayers for your FIL!

  15. Cookie says:

    This really is turning into quite the crap month, isn’t it?

    Thank goodness you were home and discovered it in the morning. Imagine if you had been on vacation. o.0

    Please rest the back. The shed and mud can wait while your back heals.


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