Ingenue Returns

Ingenue is making great headway, despite still more ripping. I had it reknit to just below the armholes, but decided that the sleeves were going to be way too big. No, I hadn’t bothered to look at the width of them on the schematic until then. My upper arms are around 11″, so normally I like my sleeves to have have a circumference of 11-12″ (more if it’s something I’ll be wearing over clothing with sleeves).

The circumference for the sleeves for size small according to the pattern is 13 3/4″. And my gauge is a little bigger than called for, which means my sleeves would really have been 14″ if I’d followed the pattern. Yikes! I had already eliminated the last two raglan decrease rounds entirely, because it would have made the armhole too low, but clearly I was going to need to do even fewer increases for the sleeves. So I ripped back. On the last 3 increase rounds, I only increased on the body, not the sleeves. Between that and the eliminated increase rounds, my sleeves now had 10 fewer stitches than called for in the pattern. But on the other hand, I now have more underarm stitches, since I cast on additional stitches under each arm to get the correct number of body stitches.

I’m not quite sure how I’m going to deal with that when I start the sleeves. I guess I’ll have to pick fewer stitches under the arms when I knit the sleeves, and do some decreases. Should be interesting. Hmmm. Maybe I should start that before I finish the body, in case I can’t make it work.


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9 Responses to Ingenue Returns

  1. Cayenne says:

    Sounds very complicated.

  2. Chris says:

    This one’s going to be drama up until the end! 🙂

  3. Carrie says:

    I love your fearless attitude about your knitting!

  4. elizabeth says:

    I wish you luck! 13.5 inches sounds really big for size small sleeve.

  5. susan says:

    I just did this with my Green Gable. I decreased the stitches under the arms by working little gussets over the extra sts: ssk, k__, k2tog, then a plain row, then repeat until all the extra sts are gone.

  6. Nora says:

    It does look really cute so far – I hope it works!

  7. Kathy says:

    It’s looking great and the neck looks much more in proportion. Susan’s solution sounds like a plan!!

  8. Miss T says:

    That’s going to be very cute once all the wrangling is done.

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