Friday Eye Candy

While we’re all thinking good thoughts for Margene today, here’s a little diversion.

I planted a Caryopteris x clandonensis (“Blue Mist”, “Bluebeard”, “Blue Spirea”) early this year, because I knew it would be a bumblebee magnet. Now that it’s in full bloom, that’s proving true. It’s also attracting lots of other bees, large and small.

As the mornings get cooler, I’ll be sneaking out early to see if I can find some bumblebees sleeping on it.

Bumblebee on Caryopteris x clandonensis

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6 Responses to Friday Eye Candy

  1. Cookie says:


    I always love it when the bumbles sleep over.

  2. Sleepy bees? I never thought about that before.

  3. Katheirne says:

    Awesome. You know, I planted Scarlet Runner Beans in my garden this year and I’ve seen hummingbirds the last two times I’ve been down there harvesting. If you’d like to attract those, that’s apparently a good one.

  4. Nora says:

    So pretty! You need a sweater in that color. And hooray for bees!

  5. Squish says:

    I loves beees! I’ve seen a few buzzing around Angie’s garlic chive (?) thingies. Texas is going to have to get his ass in gear and get my beds dug.

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