A Little of This and a Little of That


After mentioning podcasts recently, I found out about several more that I checked out. I’m totally in love with the Electric Sheep podcast from Hoxton Handmade in London.

The first show I listened to was Episode 30: Thieves, which had me laughing out loud. It contains an essay about a group of knitters who use their knitting tools to break into the V&A museum in London, in a Mission Impossible sort of way.  Do yourself a favor and give this one a listen, even if you don’t normally listen to podcasts. It’ll brighten your day. If you’re not familiar with podcasts, no special gadgets are required – you can just go to the post and click the “play” button to listen to episode on your computer. The entire episode is about 35 minutes long, but the essay only takes up about the first 15 minutes.

I’ve only had the chance to listen to a few of the other episodes so far, but they’ve been so good that I’ve downloaded them all for future listening.


I made a second batch of yogurt yesterday, using the same method as before, but with one slight difference. This time I just put the pan of yogurt in the oven with the light on, but didn’t try to adjust the temperature. I just left it there for 6 hours. When I took it out, I checked the temperature of the yogurt, and it was 95F. Slightly below the target range of 100-110, but close enough. (My first batch came out of the oven at 115F.) The resulting yogurt was slightly softer than the first batch, but just as tasty. Since I’ll strain it anyway, it shouldn’t make much difference.

For those of you who might be interested in a commercial yogurt maker, Elizabeth alerted me to a great deal. On Tuesday December 8th, Tuesday Morning is going to have a Waring Pro yogurt maker for $29.99 (see page 4 of their December flyer). This looks like a great unit, and gets very good reviews. It comes with plastic cups in two sizes, but if you’d prefer, you can use any container in the unit as long as it fits under the dome. I noticed in the instruction manual you can skip the milk heating process if you want – just use room temperature milk, and incubate the yogurt for double the normal time.


We watched Mr. Brooks last night. It got mediocre reviews, but we both thought it was really good. It’s probably not something we’d watch again, but we gave it two thumbs up. Suspenseful, creative, and chilling. I’m not a huge Kevin Costner fan, but I thought this was one of his best roles. It was certainly not a great film – there’s perhaps a bit too much going on, and I wasn’t too excited about Demi Moore’s character or performance. But the interplay between Kevin Costner and William Hurt was done very well, and we liked all of the plot twists. I could have done with a bit less of the graphic violence and sex. Really, filmmakers need to realize that it’s just as effective off-screen, and sometimes more-so. Take The Bad Seed (1956), for example (which happens to be available on Instant Watch, for those of you on Netflix).

Oh, and speaking of Kevin Costner (and podcasts), there’s a great Electric Sheep back episode in which Hoxton Handmade does a short, funny essay on the movie “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves”. Check out “English Tale, American Twist”.

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1 Response to A Little of This and a Little of That

  1. Chris says:

    I’m pretty sure after the self-indulgent snorefest that was The Postman, I can never watch another Costner movie.

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