I whipped up another little reversible project bag on Tuesday:

Reversible bag 2

Reversible bag 2

It’s a little smaller than the first one – it’s about 7″ tall instead of 9″ tall like the first:

Bag 1 and 2

But it should be just right for keeping a skein of yarn in check:

Reversible bag 2

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12 Responses to Bagged

  1. Chris says:

    Lovely color combo!

  2. margene says:

    Every bag made is so cute! I love that they’re reversible and the ribbon is lovely!

  3. Anne says:

    VERY cute – I love the two fabrics you picked.

  4. Karen says:

    So very pretty and so useful!!!

  5. Nora says:

    Aaahhh!! I love it!!

  6. Deidre says:

    Love the fabric! Is a pattern available anywhere?

  7. Cookie says:

    So cute!

    You’re hooked, aren’t you? 😀

  8. Suzanne says:

    Love the colors!

  9. jill says:


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