FO: Luminescent Lune

The Lune shawl is aptly named, as it looks like the moon when it’s laid flat. The yarn was also aptly named – Luminescence.

Lune shawl

Because of the unusual shape, it lays nicely on the shoulders and stays put. Well, maybe not in the gale-force winds we’ve been having for the past few days, but certainly under normal circumstances.

There are two versions of this shawl – one in plain stockinette, and the other with lace panels. You can also incorporate your own choice of lace pattern if you prefer. Although I didn’t use handspun yarn, it would be perfect for that as you can use up every bit – just keep knitting until you have just enough yarn left for the garter-stitch border and bind-off.

I used a small digital scale to help me figure out when I had about 8 rows of yarn left, as instructed in the pattern, then started the border. I had about 5 yards of yarn left over, but I don’t think that would have been quite enough to finish another row, so it was perfect.

With the stockinette version, once you see how the increases work, you don’t need the instructions, so it’s a good project to take along with you to work on whenever you have some spare time. It’s simple because of the stockinette, but you do have to pay attention to where the increases go… and remember to do them!

Pattern: Lune Shawl, from “Twist & Knit” by Miriam Felton.
Yarn: Luminescence, by Skylark Yarns (DK-weight, alpaca, bamboo, soy), 400 yds
Needle: US 7/4.5mm

Ravelry project notes and more photos here.

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4 Responses to FO: Luminescent Lune

  1. Nora says:

    Looks great on – I love the shape!

  2. Chris says:

    Nice! A few years ago, I made a shawl with an interesting shape that helped it stay on really well, too – the Spiral Nebula Shawl.

    We’ve had gale force winds here, too. *sigh*

  3. Cookie says:

    Well done! It’s another winner.

  4. jill says:

    Great color choice; so versatile for the coming season.

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