Not Just Labor

Labor Day weekend wasn’t all work, fortunately.

On Saturday, a visit to the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair with good friends rewarded me with these nice hand-woven dish towels. I bought one last year, and my husband and I both like it so much that I had to go back for more this year.

Woven dishcloths and HiYa HiYa stitch markers

On our way home, we stopped at Three Wishes Fiber Arts and I couldn’t resist those cute little HiYa HiYa stitch markers in the dumpling box. The yarn-ball stitch markers are quiet, lightweight, and hopefully large enough that they won’t keep getting trapped in my lace patterns. If nothing else, I can always use that cute little dumpling case for other notions.

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3 Responses to Not Just Labor

  1. margene says:

    It was fun to just hangout with you and Shelley. I need to wash my cloth and soften it up a little more before using it to polish Corrina.

  2. Chris says:

    Sounds like a lovely day!

  3. Cookie says:

    Sister, you need a loom.

    /runs away

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